Consignment: Swobo Mountaineer Single Speed Mountain Bike

Swobo Mountaineer Single Speed Rigid Mountain Bike (Suspension-ready)

Frame Size XS
20.9 in top tube
14 in seat tube

The Mutineer steps away from what a lot of people think Swobo bikes should be and that’s what we were shooting for. When we showed the prototype around, several folks asked what it was for. When they rode it, it didn’t take long for them to find the answers. It’s not a city bike. It’s not meant for streets. Born on the short track and on the trails around Fort Collins, it’s a single speed mountain bike built on the 27.5” wheel platform. Belt drive compatible. Suspension corrected geometry. A build kit that is ready to rock.

Surly Troll XS


Accessories included:

Color: Black Matte

Condition: Excellent/New Demo Model

Price: $700.00 

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