Feb 28: Intro to Bike-Packing

Swing by Jacksonville’s best bike shop on Saturday, Feb 28 at 3pm for a free roundtable discussion about bike-packing and bike touring! Todd and Rosie of Roam the Woods are prepared to take you through the basics of planning, preparing for, and undertaking a bike tour or off-road bike-packing adventure. Check out their bikes and setups they used on their Great Divide tour, and ask all your pressing questions about self-supported touring logistics. What do bears eat, again?

About Roam the Woods

At Roam, we believe in the “Hike your own Hike” philosophy. We bring an informal classroom to the outdoors, teaching you basic skills to enjoy the backcountry safely and confidently. A trip in the woods should be a nice backpacking vacation. Our mission is to provide high quality, economically-conscious, women-focused backpacking courses. Utilizing the wilderness, participants build on and continue to develop self-reliance and confidence in a non-judgmental, supportive group setting. At Roam we learn by doing, slowly building up responsibility as group and individual confidence levels increase. We believe this is your experience and the energy you put in will be a direct result of what is gained from any course with our program. 


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