Surly Superfan Coupon

It’s no secret that here at ZenCog, we’re pretty big fans of Surly Bikes. And if you’ve ever read their blog, you know they live up to their name. They’re fans of steel, they’re not too fancy, and they’re not afraid to build bikes that are great at weird things. Like tackling snow. Or, you know…cold mud here in Florida. Hell, some people think riding a bicycle across the country is a weird thing. We just call it a bike tour.

In fact, they’re one of our favorite bike lines to recommend for touring, and they don’t require a second mortgage. Most of the folks here at the shop have one or two in their bike garages, so you know we’re not trying to sell you on something we don’t believe in. Surlys are our daily drivers, despite being designed for heavy touring, or cyclocross, or mud bogs.

So here’s a little late Christmas present from Surly: $150 off your complete bike purchased between now and April 1. That’s APRIL FOOL’S DAY, but the deadline’s no joke. It’s good for any complete bike in stock at ZenCog or currently available to order. If you’ve been straddling the fence on your Disc Trucker, your Moonlander, or your Straggler, go ahead and pull the trigger. We’ll see you at the shop.

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