Salsa Bikes Adventure Package

Itching to get back in the saddle as the Florida weather finally cools down? Can’t choose between gravel grinding, lightweight touring, and tearing up singletrack? Do you just really hate making decisions?

Salsa Cycles just announced the bike deal of the century for adventure cyclists hungry to overhaul their stables. Snag this year’s Bucksaw, Salsa’s fat bike/full suspension monster terrain tackler, and get the 2017 Vaya for….free. (Ok, technically it’s an extra 99 cents. Basically go easy on your next Taco Bell run, and congratulate yourself with Salsa’s standard-setting light touring bike.)

This deal comes in three great flavors from $3999.99 to $6499.99. You bet your boots there’s a carbon option.

This deal expires on September 30th, 2016, or when the stash runs out. Get the full details over at the Salsa website, then give us a call. 904-619-0496. Your next bikes are waiting.


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  1. Please updated events for this year.Would like to do some night rides.Maybe sponsor a Tour De Light like on youtube.Thank you for your time

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