Get Hitched at ZenCog

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So you’re in love. You go everywhere together, and it’s heart-rending when you’re apart for too long. We know the feeling. That’s why we decided to let you take the plunge with us!

You can now get hitched right here at ZenCog!

Once you’ve made the decision, we offer a personal consultation to discover exactly what will work best for both of you (or heck, all four of you). We’ve done all the research, squared away the paperwork, and created a smooth, full-service experience. We’ll do all the legwork and invite you back once everything’s ready to go on the big day.

Then, just drop off your car, pop down to Bold Bean for a leisurely coffee break, and come back to a securely-installed hitch, ready for the bike rack of your choice…from Saris, Thule, Yakima, or perhaps Küat. Simple as that! You + your bikes, 2gether 4ever. Love is sweet.

For more info on our customized hitch installation, call Jacksonville’s most romantic bike shop at 904-619-0496.

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